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Crystalline Solar Cells Production Lines

By partnering up with SINGULUS, the leading German Manufacturer of the

Crystalline / Thinfilm Production Lines, Disctech provides the most reliable equipment

solutions to its customers.


SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES cooperates with cell manufacturers worldwide and develops processes,

which improve the efficiency of crystalline solar cells and at the same time reduce production costs.


Evolutionary improvement in cell concepts like PERC (PERL/PERT), n-type material, IBC – back

contacted cell or Heterojunction cells will drive the future of crystalline solar cells.


For crystalline solar cells Disctech offers:


      •  Single Side Polish Etch with LINEA II

      •  PERCEUS Production Package for PERC Cells

      •  LINEA II parasitic Emitter Etching and Edge Isolation

      •  LINEA II Isotexture or PSG Removal

      •  Batch Wet Process Equipment for Poly Silicon Chunk Etching, Cleaning & Drying - MATERIA

      •  ICP-PECVD Coating Equipment – SINGULAR

      •  IPA-Free Wet Process Equipment – SILEX

      •  Evaporator for Metallization of High-efficiency Solar Cells

      •  Low-cost and high-efficient Cleaning Process for Crystalline Solar Cells (Upgrade SILEX with Ozone)

      •  Complete Production Lines for crystalline solar

Thin-Film Photovoltaics Production Lines

Disctech offers modern production systems for CIS/CIGS & CdTe thin film solar panels made of

glass and flexible substrates:


      •  R & D tools for CIGS development

      •  Selenisation furnace for an optimized CIGS absorber formation

      •  Sputtering & Evaporation machines

      •  Wet-chemical systems

      •  Systems for the manufacturing of cadmium-free buffer layers

      •  Equipment employing spray ion layer gas reaction processes

      •  Metal free glass washing machines

      •  Cleaning- and etching machines

Automated Solar Production Systems

Transform market pressure into energy for your company.  Current developments in the energy and

ecology sector necessitate increased use of renewable energy resources worldwide. The importance of the

solar-, photovoltaic- and wind-energy industry within this sector is becoming ever greater, leading to growing

pressure on producers. Technical innovations are constantly being introduced and production standards

are being geared towards ever higher quality and productivity.


KUKA Systems Energy specializes in the automation of processes in these industries and offers

manufacturers a range of products and services for the implementation of production processes with

utmost precision and efficiency.

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